DDOS Attack

Stands for distributed denial-of-service attack. A means of taking down a targetted site, usually by means of saturation (sending external communications requests to overload the site).


Based on the cultural concept of how ideas are transmitted from one mind to another, the Internet meme refers to how certain concepts or phrases are transmitted across the web like an in-joke to reaffirm membership to online community.


Internet peer-to-peer. A network connection between computers that enables file-sharing.


TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. It is the set of rules determining how data is transmitted from one end of a network to another. Basically: data must be broken into small pieces (packets), which are given addresses (defining the recipient, origin and sequence to reassemble), checked for errors and put in sequence. TCP/IP also regulates the flow of these packets across the network. It is the standard for the Internet and all Internet hosts must follow these rules, though some follow others in addition.


A kind of P2P. One torrents by downloading a file with .torrent file extension that contains information about the file one wishes to download (such as the new linux distribution) and about the “tracker” – the computer that coordinates the file distribution. One then uses a program, called a “torrent client” (such as uTorrent), to connect to those sharing the file and get it piece-by-piece.

Torrenting is different from other kinds of P2P because the more people download (“leech”) a file, the quicker it becomes to get the file. This is because as soon as a user downloads parts, they also start to share the parts (“seed”).

Various sites exist that track torrents and index them to make it easy for users to find them. Recently such sites have come under fire for copyright infringement.

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