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lens: where two spheres overlap

lens: where two spheres overlap

We use the term “sphere” to refer to environments or fields of activity in a certain area. There is the sphere of human culture, there is the sphere of technology… and somewhere in our digital age is the place where those two overlap. Sometimes a wondrous place filled with new inventions that make our lives easier or more enjoyable, sometimes a dark place that resembles the wasteland of Elliot’s The Hollow Men (“we are the hollow men… we are the stuffed men…leaning together… headpiece filled with straw), but always an exciting place.

When two spheres overlap the name we give that shape is a ‘lens’. That is just what this blog is. A lens between those spheres – but also a lens through which we can examine that point of contact in order to better understand it.

About me

I am a fourth year university student studying New Media in South Africa. This blog is likely to reflect both the international context and the less-examined and oft overlooked South African context. Please feel free to add me to your blogroll if you enjoy my blog, and comment if you have anything to say.

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